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Javascript  Basic- Advanced.

Introduction to Javascipt

Understanding programming basics of Javascrpt

DOM Manipulation with Javascript

SOLID Principles

Object Oriented Javscript

Understanding Prototypes, Immediate functions

Understanding Closures and Call Back functions

Introduction  To Angularjs

What is Dependency Injection?

Introduction to MVC design pattern.

What are Views, Models and Controllers in Angular

Introduction to Modules, Controllers, Services, factories, filters, Directives, Templates and Routing.

A Simple Demo comparing the traditional development with angular development.

Building a Single Page Application

Creating a HTML App with Twitter Bootstrap

Adding a simple Angular controller

Adding a simple Angular Model

Explaining the MVC Pattern.

Understanding the concept of ng-App and Modules in Angular.

In depth understanding of models and controllers by creating a demo application.

Understanding the concept of scope.

Managing Scope and Setting up Behaviour

Building a basic controller.


Services and Factories

Working with built in services and factories

Creating a custom services

Injecting services to various other elements


Routing in angularjs

understanding the default routing

Using angular ui router

dealing with states

Resolving routes

passing parameters in routes



Controller to controller communication

Understanding the $broadcast, $on,$watch and $emit



Working with built in directives

understanding the link function

Creating custom directives

Advanced concepts of directives



Understanding the promise patterns

Workign with $q in angularjs



Working with built in filters

Creating Custom filters


Working with form validation

creating custom validators


Workign with external components

Grid Component

Modal component

pagination component

accodion and Tab control


Unit Testing

Working with Grunt

Working with Gulp

Working with Yoeman, Bower

Working with Jasmine and Karma