About Us

Focusmindstech is an e-learning portal which aims to impart software and soft skills training to its client. Based out of Hyderabad a very fast growing technology city, Focusmindtech has found the potential to establish its services across the virtual space. As the name indicates the portal aims to establish itself as a premier institute in learning and development domain, by focusing on the mind through the use of technology.

Vision statement:

The right people always make the difference and we help in honing in the right skills of people for organizations. Our endeavor is to standardize training and learning, so that Self-belief gives people the drive to achieve their potential and Self-development gives them the means.

Mission statement:

We help people grow professionally and this brings us pride and exclusivity.

Our core values:

   Strategic which is aligned with business objectives if training the employees with high levels of technical tools.
♠   Multiple learning vehicles like classroom training and E-learning depending upon the audience, methods, and styles.
   Scalable by leveraging content across different audiences.
   Measureable in improving human resources capabilities.
   Partnership in having shared accountability in the learning and development domain.


♣   Corporate training on technical subjects and tools.
   Class Room training by experts.
♣   E-learning to ensure convenience of learning.
   Specific modules of custom based learning and training to suit individual customer needs.
   Manuals and training kits for users who require them on specific courses.